Return & Refund Policy

7-Day Free Return Guarantee

You will enjoy this guarantee if you receive a damaged, wrong or unusable item.  Please contact us within 7 days of receiving the package for a return authorization.


Once the product has been returned to our designated address, we can ship you a new item for free (we will refund the shipping cost of your return), or give you a full refund.


Reasons for accepting returns include, but are not limited to:

The color, style, pattern, or parameters do not match the description

Significant difference

Functional or performance issues

Wrong product

Poor workmanship or manufacturing defects

The product is damaged or defective

For new, unopened returns that do not affect the sale of products, the buyer shall return the products to the designated place and bear the return cost. We will refund the return in full after we receive the return and verify that it is correct (if any freight is incurred, the amount after deducting the freight of the buyer).

Product quality problem

The NiceHCK warranty covers any factory defects that may affect the proper function of the product you purchased. It does not cover human damage caused by human error, negligence, etc. (Read the following paragraphs for more details.)


If your product is defective, we will replace it free of charge for a full refund or partial refund (as the case may be), please follow these instructions:


1.Send an email to with an appropriate subject line

2.Provide your order number and clearly describe your problem

3.Attach photos and videos to show what flaws your product has

4.If the photo/video provided is not enough to prove the stated problem, we will ask further.


Once we confirm that your item is defective due to a manufacturing issue, you need to request a return and follow the proper procedures. Once we receive the returned product, we will process your refund.


NiceHCK will only be responsible for shipping costs for certain defective products within 30 days of delivery if:

  • The manufacturing problem of the product can be proven by video/photo.

After 30 days, if the item is claimed to be defective, we will partially refund it, replace it free of charge or refund it in full (as the case may be) if it is still under warranty. If it must be shipped back to NiceHCK so that we can check for any factory defects, the freight will be borne by the buyer. We only cover repair/replacement and return shipping costs (excluding any possible local taxes/import/processing fees).


* Note: Warranty coverage procedures may vary by product and issue. If you encounter any questions, please contact immediately. If you do not receive a response by email within 3 working days, please contact us via our website or Discord to check. Failure to do so and the resulting deterioration of product condition may limit or void your 1-year warranty.


Once we have received your returned item and verified its condition within 2-3 business days, we will process your item refund within approximately 5 business days. If your order has incurred shipping costs, non-quality issues will not be refunded, we will only refund the amount paid for the product; If the quality is the problem, we will bear the freight.


  • Only one free local return per order. If you have multiple items in your order and decide to return them separately, only the first return for that order is free. Subsequent returns will incur shipping costs, which will be borne by the buyer.
  • In order to extend the free return period to 60 days, customers have the option to purchase our extended return service. Simply select this service before payment to enjoy an extended return period.


The wrong item was received or the quantity was missing?

Usually, after receiving the package, please confirm the contents of the package and ensure that the package is in good condition before signing for it. All customers must take unpacking videos of sealed packages and packaging when opening packages and products. If you fail to provide us with the above information, any claims for errors or missing items will be void.


For incorrect/missing items, please email The following details are required.

1) Send an email to with the correct subject line

2) Provide your order number and clearly state the problem

3) Attach a photo and unpacking video of your sealed package and packaging to show that your product is incorrect/missing. The shipping details must be clearly visible on the package.


Once the problem is confirmed, we will arrange a free replacement or refund (if applicable). For items claimed to be missing from a package or sealed product, an unpacking video is required. For the wrong product, NiceHCK will decide if you need to return the wrong item.