About US

About NiceHCK

NiceHCK was founded in 2015 by the HiFi Music enthusiastics and acoustic engineer.
Focus on R&D and selling HiFi earphones, headphone cables and audio accessories that combine creative design, high performance,premium quality and affordable price. Provide well customer service support worldwide.


We maintain a strong connection with Chinese Nicehck and Jialai brands in order to offer a curated selection of the very best that Chi-Fi has to offer. We also go a step further in providing customization services so you can acquire a uniquely styled or custom molded IEM.

Brand concept

Bring amazing hi-fi earphones which has excellent sound quality, premium craftsmanship, nice packaging and extremely cost-effective prices to the global audiophiles and musicians,Give them a enjoyable music experience.


Mainly producing various HIFI earphone products such as trackless earphones, B40 earphones, ME80 earphones, etc.To deliver Hi-Fi products that surpass the norm in terms of both Sound Quality and visual intrigue.  


Pre Sale and After Sale Customer Service: support@nicehck.com

Partner & Marketing: marketing@nicehck.com