NiceHCK Brand Story

NICEHCK is going on
         -Returning to the Origin of Sound

Our Beginning

We are a team passionate about music and earphones. In our mind, music is filled with magic. Therefore, we always believe that high-quality music experience is indispensable anytime, anywhere.

In 2015, fueled by our love for music and earphones, we established this brand. Our dream is to continuously develop and produce earphone’s products so that more people can experience the true charm of music.

Products and Innovation

The pursuit of our dream has never ceased. After 8 years of hard work, we now primarily sell products including in-ear monitors, earbuds, iem upgrade cables and more. Our products range spans across various price points, catering to customers with different preferences and budgets.

  • In Ear Monitor series

Himalaya -high end iem
NX7 Series :NX7/NX7 Pro/NX7 MK3/NX7 MK4
With advanced driver units and high-fidelity audio technology, the NX7 Series delivers rich audio details and powerful bass effects
F1 Series:F1/F1 Pro   - planer driver  IEM
DB Series:DB3/DB1/DB2  -high cost-performance
YD520 -Audiophile Entry Level Collections and cheaper iems

  • Earbuds


  • Earphones cables

High-end product:
DragonScale2/DragonScale/60saga/AACKing/AuKingUltra/SsOrpheus etc.
Mid-range product:
OurLaura/OurOasis/1950saga/RedLava/DualGod/GreyDragon/PurpleMoon etc.
Low-end product:
SweetLife//SnowCat/AlloyUltra/Whitesky/BlackCat Ultra etc.

  • Earphone's  Accessories
  • Multi Functional Storage Box
  • Earbud Foam Pads
  • Eartip
  • Adapter/Converter
  • More products waiting to be loaded

    HOT selling

    • Himalaya-10mm 1DD Titanium Alloy In-Ear Monitor

    NiceHCK's first high-end in-ear monitor is made of titanium alloy material that is usually only used to make aerospace detectors and engines. Titanium alloy with higher hardness can effectively suppress the generation of harmonics, reduce cavity resonance and improve sound quality than materials such as resin, aluminum alloy and stainless steel.   

    Different from general dynamic iems, Himalaya earphones are composed of front and rear dual cavities, coaxial double-layer diaphragms, and dual magnetic circuit systems, 22μm ultra-thin CNT dome diaphragm. Optimize the sound quality and improve the efficiency of the dynamic coil. Bass rich and powerful, treble extension smooth and supple, and the three-frequency connection transition is natural and smooth.

    • NX7 MK4 7 Driver Units Hybrid IEM

    The NX7 MK4 earphone is designed with 7 multi-drivers to work separately and fully function.There are totally 7 units:4 x Screwdriver,2 Beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver,7-layer piezoelectric ceramic unit.These special materials provide high frequency response,gorgeous ultra-high range and a lower frequency.

    The MK4 earphones are crafted from stabilized wood, resin, and aluminum alloy, with a sleek transparent black housing that exudes brightness and simplicity. The skeleton design enables you to glimpse the internal structure of the shell, ensuring durability for long-term use and delivering a comfortable wearing experience. Additionally, these earphones feature an ear-monitor type housing. The pattern on each earphone's faceplate is random.

    • F1 Pro-new generation planer driver


    F1 Pro iem earphone are equipped with a newly 14.2mm planar driver with a 2 um ultra-thin diaphragm paired with N55 neodymium magnets,This planar diaphragm driver provides a true audiophile sound character and gives you outstanding clarity and detail on every note.

    The bass  of F1 Pro iem is fast, strong bass response,there is no muddiness or graininess in the sound,With the least metallic timbre, a clear, crisp midrange, and a smoothly executed treble region,natural loose and balanced sound to ensure transparent sound quality

    •  DB2 -Wired IEM 1DD+1BA dual driver units

    Hybrid dynamic and balanced armature drivers offer unparalleled sound,the acoustic adjustment makes the advantage of DD with 10mm graphene titanium coated diaphragm and BA to achieve balanced, the overall tone is loose, the bass and midrange are solid, the slightly diffuse low frequency brings an immersive ambient experience.

    DB2 in ear monitor earbud with ergonomic design can effectively reduce noise, soft fit the auricle with HD microphone optional,available in 3 colors of Blue, purple and black colour.

    • EB2S Pro-15.4mm LCP Dynamic Aluminium Alloy IEM

    EB2S Pro Dynamic wired hifi earbud made of LCP diaphragm.Makes it has a well-rounded bass and fast response, powerful motivation,good response in all bands. Nice low-frequency ambience,great high-frequency extension,clean and detailed sound quality,the details of the performance is rich, crisp and sweet,earphones for listening to idol songs.

    • NICEHK AUking-flagship high-end pure gold plated 7N OCC IEM cables

    The NiceHCK AuKing Earphone cable provides smooth and natural sound. The vocals are clear are detailed. It has precise positioning, the low range is a good volume and the high range is changed, the three frequencies provide a good balance.

    Brand Influence

    We not only pursue the perfection of sound quality but also emphasize comfort and design in our products. Each product undergoes meticulous design and rigorous testing to ensure the best music experience possible.

    Today, our brand has established a good reputation both domestically and internationally. We are not only loved and supported in China but also in Japan, South Korea, the United States, and many other countries by numerous fans and friends. Here, we express our sincere gratitude to all friends who support us.


    Future Outlook

    In recent years, we have made substantial investments in developing HiFi earphones, cables, and related products. From the smelting and casting of conductor materials to internal structural design, and even to the independent design and processing of metal components, we ensure that every cable bearing our brand exudes a unique and premium musicality. We remain committed to our initial aspirations, continuously striving to deliver more high-quality headphone products to our customers. 

    We are dedicated to enhancing our quality control, craftsmanship, and product packaging, resulting in many of our products surpassing those of our competitors. We steadfastly believe in offering better value for money by providing high-quality products at more affordable prices.

    We persistently adhere to independent research and development, with the majority of our brand's products being self-developed and designed. This sets them apart from products distributed by other brands.

    We believe that the power of music will continue to guide us forward, bringing unparalleled musical experiences to more people.