NICEHCK's Audio Journey at CanJam Shanghai 2024

After many years, Can Jam the internationally renowned audio expo, has returned to Shanghai. As a gathering of the world's top headphone manufacturers, audio accessory suppliers, and audio technology companies, Can Jam attracts countless audio enthusiasts. This year, the expo was held at the Shanghai Marriott Marquis City Centre, covering nearly 2,000 square meters and offering visitors an unprecedented audio-visual feast. Major brands showcased their latest technologies and top-tier products, creating a lively and exciting atmosphere throughout the event.NiceHCK, a company deeply involved in the R&D and sales of in-ear monitors and audio cables for many years, was honored to be invited to this global exhibition hosted by the renowned Head-Fi. Many of our products received high praise from audiophiles, and the event's organizer and Head-Fi founder, Jude, personally tested them and gave positive feedback.


For this exhibition, our team NICEHCK undertook extensive preparations to bring the best earphones experience to audio enthusiasts. We showcased several of our best-selling earphone products, including Himalaya(or NiceHCKHimalaya), F1 Pro, NX7 MK4, DB2, EB2S Pro, and Dragon Scale 2, as well as upgraded cables like OurLaura and AuKing. Additionally, we presented several prototype models, including the highly anticipated EBX series and the NX8 IEM Prototype Sample.

nicehck himalaya

During the event, many audiophiles eagerly came to test our products. Whether it was the popular earphones or the prototype models, they drew a large crowd of visitors. The founder of Head-Fi visited our booth to listen to Himalaya and Dragon Scale 2 and gave very positive feedback. A customer from Hungary, after trying our high-end Dragon Scale 2 upgrade IEMs cable, immediately purchased one.\

There was also great anticipation for the performance of the EBX series and NX8 prototypes. Many enthusiasts eagerly tested these products and expressed high praise afterward. They were very positive about the sound quality, wearing comfort, and overall design. One attendee commented, "The NX8 with one dynamic driver, six balanced armatures, and one piezoelectric ceramic driver is already very impressive and highly anticipated." Another audiophile mentioned, "The EBX series prototypes have excellent quality, but the lighter-colored one aligns more with my expectations of what an earbud should be."At the same time, our team has carefully listened to and gathered extensive feedback, suggestions, shortcomings, and expectations from audiophiles regarding our current products and prototype models. This valuable input greatly helps us further optimize our products and develop new upgrades, striving to deliver audio products such as earphones and cables that exceed the expectations of audiophiles worldwide.



Through this CanJam Shanghai expo, we received not only positive reviews and support from numerous audio enthusiasts but also valuable feedback. This feedback is very important to us as it will help us further improve the quality and user experience in our future product development. We understand that continuous innovation and improvement are essential to meet market and user demands. Therefore, we will actively listen to everyone's suggestions and opinions and continue to work hard on developing and optimizing our products.

Moreover, this expo provided us with the opportunity to engage deeply with other leading companies in the audio industry, gaining insights into the latest market trends and technological advancements. These interactions and collaborations have broadened our horizons and offered new ideas and directions for our future development.a

Overall, the CanJam Shanghai expo was not only a chance to showcase our products but also a platform for communication and interaction with users and peers. Through this event, we are more confident about the future. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality audio products and look forward to meeting everyone again at future exhibitions to explore the endless possibilities of the audio world together. We extend our sincere thanks to all the visitors and supporters for their attention and enthusiasm. We look forward to reuniting with you at future events to share more exciting audio experiences. Thank you for your support and trust in NICEHCK. We will continue to strive and live up to your expectations.